Медный всадникWe are pleased to welcome you in the splendid city of Saint-Petersburg!
We hope you enjoy spending your time here and your choice of recreation’s place satisfies you very much.
Saint-Petersburg has plenty of places of interest which you might be visiting from morning to evening to adore their imperishable beauty.
However, such an excursion-filled program has its dark side. Seeing everything and reaching everywhere takes much strength and the physical overload leads to back or joints’ problems.

We are always there to help you.
Do you feel pain in the waist, back or neck?
The joints of the feet are aching?
Do you become swollen?
Or do you just feel your feet are tired of constant walking?
If you discover the decline of the forces and you tend to get the charge of vivacity and freshness.
If you just want to take a rest and get some health benefits simultaneously.

In all these cases please contact our rooms of blind masseurs.

Our specialists have highly-developed sense of touch, compulsory medical education, specialized and well-qualified massage skills and their extensive experience. They will quickly and efficiently solve your back’s or joints’ problems. You will forget about the pain and return to enjoying you tour. If then you would have some time saved – you will always be welcomed to our medical rooms once again simply to experience the pleasure of a really good massage!

Russian massage school is in general among the most effective ones since it works out all the tissues of the body very deep. Add to this soft manual therapy which is included in every procedure with us and the effect will increase many times. What you should always keep in mind is the unique perception of the blind people’s hands. These sensitive yet strong hands can literally perform miracles!

Come to make sure of the quality of the massage in person.
We strongly believe that your body will thank your mind for the right choice for a long time after.
We wish you good health and a wonderful holiday.
Clinic’s administration

General massage of the whole
body with manual therapy of
the spine and the joints:

90 min.
3500 roubles
Back massage with manual
therapy of the spine:

50 min.
2000 roubles
Collar area massage with
manual therapy of the spine:

30 min.
1500 roubles
Thoracic spine area massage
with manual therapy:

30 min.
1500 roubles
Lumbosacral area massage with
manual therapy of the spine:

30 min.
1500 roubles
Massage of upper and lower
extremities with manual
therapy of all joints:
20 min.
700 roubles
Scalp massage:
20 min.
600 roubles